Portobello Road Artist Spotlight: Candy Collection

Hi all,

This Saturday, we went out to do some evangelism at the Portobello Market and I got to connect with a few of the artists working down there. I’m going to do a series of interviews about them here if I can, so for our first one, we’ll introduce the folks behind Candy Collection, a new business I found. They’re just starting out (Saturday was their second day!) and they were both very sweet, so make sure you check them out! I’ve included some pictures Humara provided of her work below in addition to the interview. Enjoy!


1. What is your name?
My name is Humara Khan.

2. What do you do?
I make Jewelry!

3. Why/When did you start?
I started making Jewelry when I was 18; I am now 23, ever since it was always a hobby. It was the summer of 2015 when I started taking it seriously and realized I could turn the hobby into not only just a business, but a career. I want to make different types of jewelry that have never been seen before; I want to share my visions with people.

4. What inspires/influences you?
Rosary beads definitely inspire the type of jewelry I am focusing on at the moment. I’ve taken the idea of connecting the beads in the same way to make different unique pieces. I am truly inspired by colours, the diverse coloured beads that you can find and put together just makes it all look amazing.

5. If your art could do one thing for others, what would it be?
The idea of personalisation allows people to create whatever they want, however they like and this forms a sense of ownership. Owning something you’ve designed creates positivity within yourself, and that’s what’s important.

6. Is there anything else you want to say about your art/business/etc?
One of my goals is to grow; I want everyone to rock a Candy Collection Bracelet or Necklace that they’ve designed themselves. It influences creativity and opens up people’s imagination which is important. I hope that I can inspire by doing so.

7. How can people contact you, find your art, etc?
You can find my Jewelry at www.CandyCollection.co.uk, www.facebook.com/CandyCollectionUK or @CandyCollectionuk on Instagram.

Thanks Humara! Good luck and blessings on your work!


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