Bones is like a fire

Bones is like a fire.

Outside it is hot, chaotic, molecules bouncing one place to the next.

Inside, the Spirit is there, the heat, the flame, the tongue. And yet it is a miracle, too. Coming together, intangible, forged by a holy furnace, the beating of drums, strokes of the pen. Dozens of people from different places, cultures, languages, working for something new, something older than time. To know God and make Him known. To take part in the ancient song. The voices are different, the eyes not the same, and yet the heart is clear, bold souls on a line together, creating the creator’s work.

For lovers of order, it is absurd, a plan that could never come true.

For those who believe, those with faith, it is a certainty that will arrive, a plan wrought by God, whose plans will not be defeated. It is a song coming into harmony, a painting finding its strokes.

We work together as a team, and the Lord will be known.


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