What is your purpose?

It’s a curious question. A difficult question.

I’m told it’s not a destination, a process instead of a product.

But what does that really mean, and when I’m called to do ministry, called to call others, how does such a thing translate? How can something so broken, so in-progress be of such use?

When I ask the question, when I seek the answer, I see God provide. To be a mirror, to showcase progress, to reveal His heart the best that I can.

It doesn’t necessarily look like a novel, a blog or a short story. It might come through a poem, a description, a word or phrase. It’s wounds brought to light, wounds that are healing, blessed, beautiful rest. It’s peace and prosperity, perseverance, broken worries, fears laid to rest. It’s free gifts from the Father, the blood of His son, His Spirit’s hand.

It’s hard to wrap my heart and head around it, and I’m not sure I will until this is all done, but I do know that God will provide, even when I don’t understand. He will make my purpose clear as I draw near, and keep me close as I call on His name.

If purpose is a process, I’m well on the road.

Thank you God for your purposes, and that even if I don’t, You know what they are.


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