King’s cross Costa haikus

Man on his way up
Red backpack, optimism
Good luck fancy suit.

Tackling the world one
Street at a time, time to fly
King’s Cross to the world.

Miss Peregrine’s home
Passing bus full of people
To homes of their own

Secret agent man
Working for fashion police
Dude is crazy lean.

So cute matching coats
Father and son, twinsy teal
Sports team cheer squad Dad.

Number one-forty
Same gray door as the neighbor
Door one-forty-two.

Laughter with dear friends
This is what Costa is for,
Writing track for life.

Dumpster standing guard
What are you hiding, green man?
World’s greatest bouncer.

Blue rims on doorways
Window panes split like swatches
What color inside?

Full grown scooter man
Rockin’ that yellow gold shirt
Ankle flip of joy.

My dear friend Desters,
Laughing across the distance,
Makes me smile inside.

Elegant Courtney,
Silver rings and fashion sense,
Beauty in and out.

Bread on the mailbox,
Why are you just sitting there?
London at its best.


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