What’s up with fashion track

Hey all,

In addition to Soho, Camden and the other places we do outreach, YWAM London Radiant also does ministry through our various artistic tracks. To give you an inside look into what we do in them, I interviewed three of our 2016 DTS students, Channi, Kirstine and Chloe (left to right above) about themselves and what God is doing in fashion.

What projects are you doing in Fashion Track right now?

Channi: We are doing a shirt and a skirt, so I’m making patterns for it right now.

Kirstine: Right now I am making a top and a skirt.

Chloe: I am making my dress from my internship.

What about fashion do you love? What about it excites you?

Channi: I like that you can declare who you are and no style is similar because it’s a part of you and you can express yourself. I like the quote, “a dress to express, not to impress,” because you express how you feel, how you want to be seen. The industry is not about fabric or a certain piece of clothing, it’s more about people.

Kirstine: I really like that you can tell so many stories through it, you can give a lot of themes or things you want to say with it, so it’s something I really like.

Chloe: I like that it’s showing me about my real passions, that it’s a detail in my life, but not my passion.

How do you think God feels about fashion? What does He love about it?

Channi: I think He loves how individual we can be when we clothe ourselves. He was the first fashion designer, so that really excites me because it’s part of who my Heavenly Father is. He’s with me.

I think He loves the creativity in it. Right now I think there are so many bad sides of fashion, the way they look at people, it’s so much about how you look and that’s what matters, but God wants to speak so much truth into fashion and change it up.

I think fashion started in the beginning when Adam and Eve realized they were naked and had to sew fig leaves together to make clothing so I feel like fashion was the start, the beginning, even if we don’t think about it. God created fashion, and that’s how he created it.

How do you think God is using you in this time?

First of all, I’m just exploring my own style right now. Today He is pressing how we can care so much about a specific size in clothing when it’s not about size at all, it’s about how you feel.

Kirstine: In this time, it’s a season where I’m learning a lot about the basic things like how to make your own clothes. It’s a season for me to learn a lot, but he also speaks to me a lot about the way you can use fashion to honor Him.

He’s showing me a lot that fashion isn’t so broad. Fashion isn’t always about clothes and accessories, etc. Fashion is how you present yourself and how you want people to look at you.

What do you think God is planning for fashion track in future?

Channi: I think that He is going to work a lot in the girls that are coming here because many girls have this wrong side of fashion, more about the number and how you should look and not how you feel. I think it’s going to affect a lot of girls and boys, the younger generation, because we are more obsessed with how we look these days, and fashion is expanding so much and becoming unholy.

Kirstine: What I dream for this is that we can have more connections to some Christian fashion designers so we also can have some influence with the fashion world.

Chloe: I think He wants fashion week to become a very big, exciting idea for fashion track, to be involved.

What do you hope to do after your DTS, with fashion or otherwise?

Channi: What is planned right now is that I’ll be staying for the internship and be staff afterwards. I think God has a lot in store for that, that I’m going to grow a lot in this and be creative in it and just help the ministry here and still find out where He wants me in it.

Kirstine: It’s a big question. I don’t know, I want to do what God wants me to do. I feel like He’s speaking to me about fashion, so I think I’m going to do something about fashion, but what I want to do is what He wants me to do, so I don’t know yet what’s going to happen.

Chloe: To accept the process I’ve been through in my DTS, that fashion has been a big process for me to realize God’s other gifts for me, that I had a reason to be here in the fashion DTS.


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