Hanging with the tappers

A short piece I did while watching our dance track practice together:

I love watching my children learn. I love to see them grow. To work for something difficult, to work together to see it grow. These are the hearts of my children, teachable, patient, loving. Oh, the gifts I have given them. I love to see their joy. Bringing joy, bringing redemption, light to a darkened world. What a joy it is to see my children use their gifts, to see their gifts take flight. And even if they stumble, I am there to catch them when they fall. I pick them up, clean off their knees, and set them aright again. What joy I have in watching them learn, what delight in watching their passions. To give them peace, to give them comfort, for them to know that I love their progress. Such is my heart for my children, the freedom I have for their hearts. I love watching how they grow, and in it I am active. Changing hearts, bringing my kingdom, all in the little steps. Scuffles, steps, hops, heels, these are the sounds of my kingdom, and this is how it comes. How I love my children, how I love to see them grow.


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