Touching Camden

Camden Lock market is a beautiful, mysterious place. Lined with tightly packed stalls, narrow streets, and aisles that knot for miles, it’s chock full of foreign food, onesies, leather, t-shirts and incense. Jewelry, books, antiques, just about anything you could hope to find can be found somewhere inside. Walking through you think you’ve left London, might find your next great adventure, a new planet, somewhere around the next corner.

Outside, you find more of the city, but don’t lose your sense of the strange. A world of over-sized shoe signs, mesh t-shirts, pop music and smoothies. A hodge podge of a thousand cultures, it has a feel all its own, a sharpening of your senses you don’t find with the crowd on South Bank or on the posh Notting Hill streets.

Camden has a realness, a sense of fantasy that makes it unique. Whether traveling to the depths of Cyberdog, Proud Camden’s gardens, the reggae filled Stables, each ties into the other, an ecosystem of differing cultures, mindsets, religions, beliefs. Like a Star Wars bazaar or a Neil Gaiman novel, it’s full of whimsy, the unknown, the new. A sense that you could get lost there, and adventure your way back.

God loves it there.

So do we. Tracing through the markets with prayer, praising on the streets, as God pours out His love for the people, we do the same. Talking to people, offering hope, it’s our joy and privilege to go.

God has a heart for Camden. He longs to rescue her, sheltering her like a hen with her wings.

Going down there, loving people, the sights, the sounds, we feel the same.

O God, redeem your city, bring light where once there was dark. Let Camden be your lighthouse, a shelter for the wounded and blind. Let your wings cover your people, and your light shine in the dark. Let the arts serve your purposes, and save those who now stray. Protect and bless your people. Let your presence come like a flood. Bless and rescue Camden.



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