Words from Worship

During worship on one of the first nights of the 2016 Arts Gathering, I felt God wanted to speak a couple of things to us. I wrote down three separate things, and shared two of them with the group at large during our final debrief. I’m going to include all of them here to show some of what I think God was doing/talking about in that time:

Continue to praise my name, my children. Because you ask in my name, according to my will, there is nothing I will not grant you. Ask for miracles, for healings, your prayers and worship are making ripples around the world, even to the end of the age, to the other side of the universe. Is there anything so small I cannot accomplish? Anything so large I cannot do it by my hand? Ask, seek, knock. I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Ask, seek, knock, seek me earnestly, with your whole heart, I will make myself known. I will make my glory known, ringing all over the earth, the entire earth.

My children, you do not know for what you ask. One drop of my love, one word from my mouth could make this entire city clean. To ask for my floods to open would sweep you all away to places you could never dream or imagine. Yet because you ask in my name, I will provide. I will pour out my spirit and you will see change. Lives will forever be changed because of my name. You will see these things. I am the Lord, faithful and glorious in all power. I love you my children. You are clean in my name.

Because of what you have done tonight, because you have honored my name, my name will be praised throughout the nations. Many thousands of people will praise my  name and be healed because of what you have done tonight in my name, because of my name.


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