Outreach Day 3

Day 3 of YWAM outreach in Rome started off with more worship and a session about commitment and focus, specifically the importance of having God’s current focus in each area of our life, how to get it and what can skew it (including blessings). Then we had more testimonies from the rest of the ministries that had come to the gathering.

After the morning’s session, we had lunch and then a free afternoon. Jenn, Gabby, and I decided to go exploring with Sarah. We found this cool little market that was from a show Sarah had grown up with, and then we tracked down a bakery/sandwich place to stock up on snacks. Sarah got a porchetta sandwich, Jenn got a heart shaped cookie/bread thing, Gabby got an apple strudel and a chocolate/hazelnut cookie, and I got a ricotta and cherry stuffed cookie, a brutti ma buoni (it’s like a meringue but with nuts, and it means ugly but good), and one of the chocolate/hazelnut cookies. Needless to say, though the cookie dough was a lot more dense than I’m used to, they were delicious. Also pictured below (first photo courtesy of Jenn), because when you’re in Italy you take food pictures, even if you don’t normally take food pictures. I ate the brutti ma buoni later.

After free time, we came back to the church and had dinner and more fire poi, fire drumming and worship outside the church. Our team broke pretty much every drum we had in some way or another during that time, dropping down to their knees, swapping out drumsticks as each one broke and/or blistering their hands near to the point of bleeding just for the sake of Jesus. Others danced or clapped along, took pictures or video, or simply worshiped in their own way. When they finished, Chris invited the gathered crowd to come in for church and then we all went inside for the gathering’s last session, this one about the thirst and identity of an artist, what thirst is, what it can do to help us, how it drives us, and its dangers. After the session, we all went out as a big group one last time to get pizza, beer and gelato. They cut pizza by how much you want in Rome and then have you pay by weight. I definitely got a bit more than I wanted/needed, but loved it all the same (plus I got to share, so yay!). For gelato I got strawberry cheesecake, oreo, and tiramisu.


The one on the left was something like prosciutto with a more normal pizza cheese and the one on the right was some kind of beef with something closer to a cream cheese and it was probably one of my favorite foods we ate there the entire time.

All in all, it was a rich and blessed day.


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