Outreach Day 4

Day 4 of outreach was the last day of the gathering. We started the day with worship and then had a final debrief with all of the attendees, talking about things we had seen, felt, or learned during the gathering. It was a very powerful and open time, with confessions, prophetic pictures, and a fair amount of shared tears. To be able to cry and share so freely with people we had only met a few days ago, it was a beautiful example of family in the body of Christ. When we were done sharing what God had done during the gathering, we all prayed for each other together to close, going through the ministries one by one until each of us had been covered.

After a final lunch together, we had some time to say our goodbyes before people had to leave for their flights. Some of the people that were leaving were from our own home base in London. The rest of us who were staying had a somewhat free afternoon. A lot of us got more gelato (the last for those who had to leave, pistachio, chocolate and a scoop of lemon sorbet for me), and then came back for naps. After that we had work duties to clean up the church before dinner.

When we were done cleaning up after that, those of us that were left got ready for evangelism. The dancers practiced their routines between the pews, drums were repaired, the rest of us packed pencils and papers. Filing through the narrow streets, we made our first attempt to set up in a large plaza not far from the church. There were already several performers and artists there, so we ultimately decided to move on, but we did find another spot not long after and after some checking with the local military officers stationed nearby as to where and under what limitations we could perform, we set up shop, drumming with our flaming drumsticks and fire poi, taking photos, and writing or drawing either for the area at large or specific people.

Personally, I was drawn to a tarot card reader (one of several) as soon as I walked into the street. He was an older gentleman seated at a table with his hands folded in his lap. On the table next to him, nearly finished, was a copy of The Silmarillion.

I’ll admit that at first I was a little nervous to talk to him. I didn’t know what was spiritually behind him so to speak, and I was worried if he were really aware of what he was into I might get in over my head. During the first part of drumming, dancing and singing I ended up writing him a message however, and when we took a break to talk to people, I went over with my fellow writing track member Courtney to say hello. We started talking to the man about the Silmarillion and why he did tarot readings and then another staff member Amanda came to join us. Turns out he had drawn her attention as well. We talked to him for a while, giving him the sheet of paper I had written for him and talking about why we had come over/what we felt God wanted to talk to him about. We asked if we could pray for him too and ultimately he turned us down, but he did keep the piece of paper and I could tell he was touched that we had come over to talk.

When we were finished with evangelism for the evening, we took our things back to the church before going out for a night on the town, mostly, as ever, centered around friends and food. Some of us got our daily gelato fix (surprisingly I skipped it this time), and then we went out for pizza. I got something like prosciutto on one of my pieces and some kind of sliced beef with a really soft cheese on the other (for those keeping track, I accidentally posted the pictures of it with the post for day 3, but oh well). We went home in stages after that, some stopping for more food or shopping or drinks on the way, and then, after a long, rewarding day, we settled in for a good night’s rest.


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