Outreach Day 6

Day 6 of outreach was mostly a travel day. We spent the morning cleaning the church and preparing to go and then took a bus to the rail station, a journey during which I was reminded yet again that Italian public transportation does not mess around. Most of Rome has cobbled streets, which would make you think they would practice caution for the sake of bumpiness, but this is not so. At several points I was a little worried that the bus was going to flip, in no small part because of all of our extra crammed weight. Needless to say, it was a very exciting, very warm ride.

At any rate, after reaching the train station (and having a few snacks of course), we found our platform and got on board our train for the three hour ride to Milano. We all rode in different classes according to when we had purchased our tickets, so some of us got some pretty luxe experiences, but all of them were nice. We passed by some beautiful, sunny Italian countryside with the Alps on the horizon (a lot of it looks surprisingly like a more Mountain-y Wisconsin to be honest) during the first half of the ride, and then after going through what seemed like a mysterious portal/tunnel to another land, saw a lot of foggy, rainy Italian countryside for the other. It was strange how fast it changed, but also pretty fun too. I spent a lot of my time on the train either talking to God or reading my Bible, and spent the rest of it looking outside, napping, or taking gratuitous selfies of me in my Starlord jacket (previously seen in pretty much any of the other pictures of me) because it was Halloween. All five of them (perhaps with the exception of taking the selfies) were amazing.


The sunny part of Italy, which save for the giant mountain in the background could pass for part of Wisconsin.

After the train ride, we took a super speedy Metro ride to meet up with some of our hosts in Casorate and several members of Sarah’s family. Once again we were met with Italian generosity and hospitality, and after helping us load everything into their cars, they drove us to our next home, Sarah and Andrea’s home church in Casorate. Then, in true Italian style they bought all of us pizza, cutting each slice into the size of a human head (I’m not kidding, Chloe put one up to her face and she could no longer be seen). It was so melty and greasy and delicious. It was AMAZING.

We spent a lot of time at the table laughing, sharing and making memories (there was a rubber, bead-filled dinosaur named Francisco. He was missing arms, part of his tail and his jaw and when his head got flipped inside out it looked like pasta. Hard to explain I know, but hilarious if you were there) and then everyone moved off to bed. All in all it was another great day.


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