Outreach Day 7

Day 7 of outreach started with a prayer walk and intercession around Casorate, hosted and led by Andrea and Rachel, the co-leaders of YWAM Casorate Primo. We walked to different places of spiritual importance in the town, including buildings Andrea and Rachel had been praying to get, the town center, the youth center, schools and a playground. We stopped at the local cafe for snacks and coffee (little knowing it would essentially become our main hangout/living room with a little time), and then had free time until lunch when we got back to the church, which for anyone musically inclined meant jamming out with the available instruments in the sanctuary and for everyone else meant journaling, hanging out in the kitchen, working on track stuff or playing cards. Personally I worked on a side project for Nanowrimo.

After lunch we had work duties to clean up the church and then a time of worship/intercession for Casorate. We prayed for the places we had seen, Andrea and Rachel, things we felt for the town in general, and anything else that came to mind. Then we played more cards or worked on track stuff before a light dinner, some of us doing improv or jamming in the sanctuary as well. After dinner we headed out to the city center for drinks and, eventually, of course, pizza. We weren’t supposed to be out for too long, but naturally we stayed out until 11:30 instead. Thankfully the pizza and kebab place was open late.


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