Outreach Day 9

Day 9 of outreach started with me dreaming that the Cubs had won the World Series. Then I dreamt I had only dreamt they’d won, and then finally (before waking myself up since I was driving myself insane), dreaming that I had dreamt that I had dreamt they had won and then actually lost but that they had actually won. It was in extra innings when I woke up, but after a bathroom break and some prayer, I came back to find that in real life, completely awake, they had won the series. After that I was able to go back to sleep, haha.

When I woke up again for the morning, after telling everyone else they had won, we got ready to go to Milan via the bus and Metro. We took a tour of the city and did prayer walks and intercession all day. We started off by visiting Sarah’s old school, where we met some of her teachers. Sarah’s mom told us that one of the teachers there brought her to Christ and in true Italian style, they fed us, sharing chips and soda and pies as well as these little cards talking about our power in Christ.

After the school we went to this plaza where a bunch of musicians always hang out. It’s a lot more popular at night, but we did meet a man from Scotland there named Sean, and he was super great (you can just barely see him under the arch in the second photo). Genesis (one of our staff) asked if she could play the cajon (a box-shaped percussion instrument) with him and then after that he even let us use his guitar and sound-system to play a couple of songs. There are street-performance rules in Milan and we hadn’t brought much of our stuff as a result, so it was pretty awesome that God provided for us in that way. Sean was really nice too, even offering us one of his guitar strings when he found out one of ours was missing. We definitely invited him to London.

After that, we moved on to the Duomo, a massive cathedral that’s been under construction for literally hundreds of years. It’s beautiful and unbelievable in its size and scope, but also dedicated primarily to Mary, so a little bit missing the boat. We prayed against idolatry there, took a bunch of pictures of the beautiful architecture, and moved on for coffee and snacks at an “American” (they had doughnuts) coffee shop called Arnold’s Coffee. We stopped at Sarah’s university around that time too.


Me and Eric outside the Duomo, looking ready for camp.

The next place we stopped was a large shopping center. We got these delicious pasty type things called luinis, which were basically fried or baked pizza dough wrapped around either sweet or savory fillings. I got a baked one with chocolate and pear and a fried one with some kind of salami similar to pepperoni and cheese. Both were delicious, though I liked the fried/hot one the most.

Moving farther into the shopping center, we came to this open air place in the middle with a bunch of spiritually sketchy mosaics in the ceiling. There were also two Prada stores, one across from the other, and a bunch of other really expensive places, so in general, it was kind of a materialistic place to be. Following one of the arms of the place back outside, we came to a smaller plaza with a Da Vinci museum, theater, government building and statue of Leonardo Da Vinci. We spent some time praying there and then moved on to a giant castle turned museum.

From the castle we exited out into a giant park, one looking to an arch with Europa on one side and the castle on the other. We enjoyed the weather for a while and this one dog chasing ducks in the pond, and then moved on to a quick bathroom break/cafe stop before the Metro/bus home. The bus missed our stop on the way home so we had to walk quite a ways to actually get home (single file in the dark by the side of the road in the middle of the country), but it was actually kind of fun too. We wound up at the grocery store, so after a quick stop for snacks, we finally made it back to the church. After dinner I had some discipleship time with Carrie and then sleep after a long day.

Of all the days, I think Milan was one of the strangest. Some of the strongholds there are anger/aggression and confusion and I definitely experienced both. I remember being a little peevish or snappy with people all day, and to this day I still struggle to remember properly what all we did and when. It was still an amazing day, but I guess it just goes to show the kind of power strongholds can have, even if you’re aware. Nonetheless, God is greater and stronger and has already won the day, so we continue to pray and walk in His eternal victory.

Pray for Milan.


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