Words for Casorate

These were words I felt God was speaking for Casorate on the first night we did evangelism in the city center. Honestly, seeing the impact we had there, I feel almost certain my words would have changed in later days, but in case any of that old apathy/hurt is still trying to hang around, here you go.

Come out, Casorate.

Rise up, claim your home. Your holy and beloved inheritance: Break the bonds of apathy, of thinking its cool not to care. Have passion, indulge your dreams, dare to think He will provide, that your Heavenly Father cares. He has a place for you, and you will not be abandoned.

Shake off your old hurts, shames, old loves and pains. Shake off, rise up, take what is yours, as rightful daughters and sons. You have a rich and beautiful inheritance.

Rise up and take it. I am not in the business of abandonment, and those hurts were not of me. Reach out your hands, I am ready here and waiting to take you into my arms.

I love you my children. Let me make you mine, Beloved. You have a beautiful community. Embrace it.

Shake off isolation and being alone. Love your friends. Embrace them.


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