Outreach Day 10

Day 10 of outreach was when we went to Sarah’s hometown of Binasco. After our morning routine of breakfast and quiet time we hopped on the bus. On arrival we met up with Sarah’s family at her childhood home. In typical fashion, they welcomed us inside like family, and then after a wonderful morning relaxing in their beautiful home, they made us lunch: pasta for the main course followed by  home made apple dessert and coffee with whipped cream she made on the spot.

After lunch, we stopped by her grandma’s (also welcoming and lovely), and then walked more around town, prayer-walking, interceding and in general looking at/enjoying the local castle (previously burned by Napoleon), Sarah’s old school, her step-father’s music studio, the bank and a grocery store. It was pretty quiet there, which seemed kind of spiritual in some way (Chris wanted us to go back there actually, though we never got the chance), but it was also during siesta time, so it might have been mostly that. We tried to get gelato at Sarah’s favorite place (the best in Italy according to her), but the place was closed for the season. On the plus side, we got to go to a bake shop instead, which was made especially nice because then we could pray for the owner, who had donated food to us the night before! He donates food a lot, and though we didn’t get to talk to him too long, he seemed like a really nice guy. The baked goods were amazing too. I got a cannoli, a chocolate beignet, a creme puff with a bit of custard and some kind of custard-y tube the name of which I still don’t remember. All of them were delicious (even after I accidentally left the cannoli on one of the heaters when we got back, haha), and especially so because of how well my stomach was doing by that time (I had been having stomach problems for months previous to this, so being able to eat anything I wanted during our entire trip was an insanely wonderful blessing).


The food gets it’s own box. Doing my momma (and the generous bake shop owner/his amazing work) proud.

After our stop at the bakery, we had to take the bus back to Casorate. Thankfully this time they stopped where we needed to go. Chris came back once we reached the church (he had to leave for a few days for meetings) too, so he was able to come with us again when we went back out. The church was having a prayer and intercession that night all in Italian, so we decided to go evangelize and intercede in the city center instead. Mostly we spent time hanging out in the square or cafe, playing games or talking to the local youth who kind of use that space as their center, but it was still walking in the opposite spirit, and we had a lot of fun.


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