Outreach Day 11

Day 11 started off with rain. We went to the cafe for breakfast (by this time we were practically regulars), getting a bunch of croissants and coffee, and then headed back to the church for a time of worship and intercession. We spent some time getting ready for the youth group after that (we had invited some of the people from town, though unfortunately none came), and then had youth group with them, sharing some of what we do in London, worshiping, and helping them plan a party (super hero themed, yes!).

When youth group was over we headed back to our beloved cafe, this time to enjoy a dinner they had made for us. Apparently in talking to Chris the night before, they had generously volunteered to make it for free! They gave us the rest of their baked goods before we left too (as they had done the night before), and of course the food was amazing. Seriously, their generosity and kindness is still hard to believe. To give so freely to people you can’t even talk to, it was amazing. It was also the first time I tried apricot juice, which for the record is delicious. That little cafe, with its music videos on the tvs, the black tables and chairs, the global wall art, the little counter, it will always hold fond memories for me.


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