Outreach Day 12

Day 12 of outreach started with work duties to take care of the church. It was a Sunday, so once we were finished cleaning, people started to come. We did worship in Italian, which was obviously pretty different but also really fun (it’s really rewarding to sing with brothers and sisters who speak a different language actually, to know they’re so different but to still be united as one), and then after Ole shared a picture he’d received during worship, we started in on the message, one about hunger delivered by Chris.

After church we all went to get lunch. Sarah’s family and some of the other church members went with us to a local pizza place called Il Mago 4 and each of us got a whole pizza! They brought out appetizers before that too, bruschetta, cheese bread and fries, so needless to say we were all pretty full when we left (I ate all of mine but the crust, but even that was a challenge)! Heading back to the church we all spent some much needed time to digest.

After resting for a little while, we headed down to the city center for what Chris said would be about 5 minutes of poi and drums. Turns out God had other plans. We weren’t even required to go, but I’m so glad so many did. Drumming in that plaza was powerful. I could feel angels flying around, and even the teens that had spent most of the week avoiding us started to get engaged. We danced, got them to talk to us and even prayed for a crippled boy. He wasn’t healed on the spot, but I know seeds were planted.


Gabby supporting Jenn. Both of these pictures were actually from my birthday, but I think they show the beauty of the town and the weather. The statue is a war memorial and it’s where the kids hang out. It is also the source of a lot of their spiritual problems according to Chris (romanticizing suffering, abandonment, trauma, etc.).


Then, as was our habit, we headed to the cafe to hang out (Andrea’s two brothers both came so we had all three present!) before coming back for dinner and a spontaneous worship/dance party. Some of the girls had ballet lessons with the dancers, some people played cards, and then while those who didn’t want to partake hung out in the kitchen, the rest of us watched most of the third Indiana Jones on the church’s projector screen. With such powerful evangelism, great food and fellowship it was another one of my favorite days.


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